Vista Transformation Pack

Vista Transformation Pack 9.01

Convert Windows XP into Windows Vista

Vista Transformation Pack is a popular app that allows you to make superficial changes to XP that give it the Vista look. View full description


  • Gives you the Vista look without upgrading
  • Very authentic results
  • Includes transparency options


  • Can conflict with other programs
  • May cause problems with XP drivers when uninstalled

Very good

Vista Transformation Pack is a popular app that allows you to make superficial changes to XP that give it the Vista look.

For many people, the only reason worth upgrading to Vista is for the look, since the functionality and basic framework don't really differ that much from XP. If you think the same way, then you'll be more than happy with Vista Transformation Pack.

Once installed, Vista Transformation Pack makes your start-up screen, cursors, sounds, screen-savers, toolbars, clock, etc. look like the ones seen in Vista. The transparent effect is hard to emulate, but by combining with Windows Blinds, Vista Transformation Pack does a surprisingly impressive job. Be warned however that some users have complained Vista Transformation Pack changes driver DLLs in XP which make it difficult to remove, or at least, it leaves problems behind when you do so.

To be fair to them, the Vista Transformation Pack developers advise you to view their user discussion board before installing Vista Transformation Pack to find out about any potential problems as they readily admit that they are not aware of all the bugs it may cause.

Note that if you're simply updating Vista Transformation Pack, there's no need to uninstall the original - just install the patch. The developers have also added a user selection feature whereby if you log onto your PC as a different user, you can select whether you want to transform your XP desktop to Vista.

Vista Transformation Pack is probably one of the best transformation packs out there although be warned that it's likely to cause conflicts with programs from time to time.


  • Added ViSplore in unsafe applications list
  • Added restrcting to set unsafe applications in Personalization page
  • Fixed Windows XP Service Pack 3 compatibilities
  • Fixed "Do not show this welcome screen after restart" option bug that always keep program in startup instead
  • Updated Vista Rainbar's launcher for constant waiting cursor activity issue
  • Updated Vistalize basic desktop theme components to apply font and toolbar in Personalization
  • Updated VisualTooltip default configuration to set area space in bottom from 30 to 0
  • Updated WinFlip's configuration for higher reliablity and compatibilities with ViStar

Can't wait for the release of Windows Vista to have the look that seems certain to be a big improvement on the current Windows theme? With Vista Transformation Pack, you can convert your drab XP desktop into the far more cutting edge and attractive desktop that is due to ship with the next major OS release from MS.

Not only will it give you the style on your desktop but will also change your start-up screen, the cursors, sounds, screensavers, tool bars, clock, etc. Although the transparent glass effect of the windows is difficult to recreate within XP, this pack, used in conjunction with Windows Blinds, does an excellent job of imitating it and giving your system a style that you're sure to enjoy.

Vista Transformation Pack


Vista Transformation Pack 9.01

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